Compressor control

In order for a compressor to function properly, safely and energy-efficiently we're using our extensive experience in controlling compressors in our compressor control unit. The control unit can be used with both new compressors and existing ones when they are failing or really need an upgrade. After our upgrade, the compressor is freshly equipped with control intelligence according to the latest techniques and years of experience.

When the existing control unit of a compressor fails, it can easily be replaced with ours. But even when a compressor is purchased brand new our unit offers a number of major advantages compared to the majority of standard controllers:

  • Fully customizable to the situation in which the compressor has to operate.
  • Exactly the right settings to set up the compressor at it's most optimal way.
  • Less energy consumption by running the compressor more efficiently.
  • Allow multiple compressors in the same installation to collaborate perfectly by connecting their control units and make them listen to eachother.
  • Possibility to operate with touchpanel and/or fully included in the main control system and Scada software.
  • Seamless integration in the control of the main plc.
  • The unit can regulate based on the suction pressure or when using an external sensor at for example the cold carrier temperature.


Automatic control
The unit can regulate based on the suction pressure or an external sensor on for example a liquid temperature. The compressor can start and stop fully automatated. It can also be switched on and off by connecting a external component via a digital input. The capacity is automatically regulated according to the load on the compressor. The motor flow, suction pressure and discharge pressure can be set as limitation.

Two or more control setpoints are available for flexiblility in the installation. Switching between these setpoints is possible via a digital input. To protect the motor, various timers are included in the control as for example a minimum off time of the motor.

Manual control
In manual operation, the compressors are started and stopped by operating the start and stop button on the screen. This also applies when adjusting the capacity.

Built-in security measures

A number of safety checks have been applied to protect the compressor against technical faults:

  • Suction pressure lower limit
  • Pressure too high
  • Pressure temperature too high
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil differential pressure
  • Oil filter differential pressure
  • Oil temperature too high or too low
  • Minimum position error
  • Motor starter error
  • Overheating fault

All of these safety checks operate in both automatic and manual modes and provide an immediate alarm upon detection of a potential problem.
Possibilities of a 'variable volume ratio' control and optional a frequency controller are also included in the control unit.

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