Web-based control

One of our products is web-based control. As always, the plc is the heart of the installation, but this time it is also the Scada server. A perfect solution for small-scale installations where the purchase of a separate PC with Scada software or a touchpanel is not desired. The control can be operated on any device that is within the network of the PLC. That usually means all PCs, Macs, phones and tablets that are connected to the company WiFi. This is ideal for companies with multiple installation managers, because they can each control the installation on their own device. They can for example control the temperature of the cell they are currently standing in.


  • Every PC, Mac, tablet and telephone within the company can operate the installation simultaneously.
  • No expenses on a PC with licensing for Scada software.
  • No expenses for one or more touch panels.
  • Freedom to operate a cell when you are actually in it where with a Scada system you would first have to walk to the office to operate the PC.
  • In a manner of speaking, technicians can lie on the floor under a compressor and operate it immediately, where in most cases they first have to walk to the touch panel to be able to do the same or log in via a detour in VNC.

If you're not sure which choice to make between complete Scada software or this web-based application you are more than welcome to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages so that we can put together the most suitable solution for your company.